• Ello

    原创VR动画短⽚ Original VR Animation

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    "Ello" is Pinta's third VR project, a little sweet story about loneliness and hope. When people expect friendship or love, proactively pursuing rather than passively waiting might lead to a surprising end. Ello, who lives in a corner of the universe alone gardening his loving planet and maintaining the only billboard day by day expecting it will draw other's attention. An unexpected disaster ruins all and makes Ello into deep despair, yet, another unexpected spaceship travels through his planet. In this VR animation, while fluent narratives and exploring delicate emotions, a variety of new ways of interaction, such as the audience's interest in the protagonist, determine the outcome of the interaction, and may affect the development of the story to a certain extent.


  • 第75届威尼斯国际电影节VR竞赛单元 75th Venice Film Festival - Venice VR

    2018 瑞丹斯电影节VR竞赛单元最佳VR体验候选作品 Raindance Film Festival 2018 VR Competition - Best VR Experience

    2018 高雄电影节国际短片竞赛VR竞赛单元 Kaohsiung Film Fetival

    2018 Siggraph Asia电子剧场竞赛单元 Siggraph Asia 2018 Computer Animation Festival

    2018 圣保罗国际电影节VR竞赛单元 42nd Sao Paulo International Film Festival

    2018 Anima Mundi国际动画节VR竞赛单元 Anima Mundi 2018 Festival

    2018 巴黎360电影节竞赛单元 360 Film Festival

    2018 砂之盒沉浸影像节 最佳中国作品 2018 Sandbox Immersive Festival – Best Chinese Immersive Experience

    2019 罗马尼亚国际动画电影节 展映 Animest International Animation Film Festival

    2019 23届釜山国际电影节VR剧场展映 Busan International Film Festival VR Theatre


    苹果App Store下载 Ello 在手机观看。

    Ello is available at Apple app store.